The Design Refinery

innovative customer-centric design: refined simplicity

Making mobile 1st.

Retain and increase your market share
– by making it a no-brainer for customers to shop with you.

Everything at your customers' fingertips 24/7.

– by redefining “Easy access” and “Open all hours”

So simple
– a five-year-old could use it but built for an adult.

37 million
Outlets and growing
37 million
checkouts potentially ringing
24 hour
Shopping 7 days a week
365 days
Per year – rain, snow or shine
Retain and improve your market share

HMV or iTunes?

Retain and improve your market share.

The 80’s record shop had it place but a new channel of shopping quickly became a complete market disrupter and a game changer, like iTunes this is done by engaging the user in ways that make it so simple for them to shop with you.

Allow your customers to be super quick when need be or to browse and explore at leisure, only ever taking a few clicks to purchase what is needed, hardly moving a muscle.

Making it as simple as ABC…

Making it as simple as ABC…
Making it as simple as ABC…

Making it as simple as ABC…

Add to Basket, Checkout = Revenue.

Simplicity is key, so we set out to design for the mind of a 5-year-old but aimed at the appreciation of adults.

Making it a no-brainer.

By doing it better than anybody else.

Customers want their lives to be easier and simpler. Give them this and it becomes a no-brainer for them to shop with you. The competition will just look like a headache waiting to happen. Your store is available at the touch of their finger tips.

Making it a no-brainer for your customers.
A loved one too far away?
Millions of checkouts

More than 37 million checkouts.

Equivalent to building millions of brick-and-mortar stores.

Smart phone growth is set to increase year on year, the equivalent of building over a million brick-and-mortar stores and no doubt a couple of power stations. The potential is huge, the challenge so advanced that nobody has managed it really well yet… or have they?

Sustain growth.

Natural growth year on year.

In 2015 there were 37.8 million smart phones in use. This is expected to rise to 43.4 million by 2017. The average smart phone user looks at his or her phone every 12 minutes.

Sustain growth.
eamless experience on all devices.

Seamless customer experience.

At home, at work or out and about, responding to your customers' needs.

Allowing users to carry on doing what they are doing on any device whenever, wherever.

Go where your customers go.

Go where your customers go.

Go where your customers go.

The "local" convenience store reinvented.

No need to worry about footfall. The local convenient mobile store has arrived. Pop in, pop out 24/7.

Makes it so easy for customers to purchase what they want, in the way they want to shop ... which means plain sailing straight to your checkouts.

Go where your customers go..
Like to do this soon?

Like to be able to do this any time, any place, anywhere, soon?

Like to be able to do this any time, any place, anywhere, soon?

It is not just all about making beautiful designs, but more about constantly looking at the world and asking why does it have to be like that?