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Yes, please!

We set out to design the impossible: Making your weekends and evenings longer by taking the thinking and stress out of food shopping and preparing meals! We will even inspire you when need be!

So shopping becomes a doddle…and you can focus on slightly more important things!

4 mins*
Inspired shop
5 mins*
Weekly shop
7 mins*
Around the world
48 hours
Weekend whatever takes your fancy
*minimum time
Any time. Any place. Any where.

Any time.
Any place.

Shopping on your mobile made as easy as 1 2 3 done.

Want to be able to plan your family's nutritious meals for the week while waiting for the train? Whether it be during your lunch break, on the train or in any spare 5 minutes.

– 5 minutes…done

5 dishes. 5 star chefs. 5 star food.

5 dishes. 5 star chefs. 5 star food.

5 dishes.
5 star chefs.
5 star food.

Who would you like have in your kitchen?

Creating wonderful meals has never been easier, with a little help from a few favourite familiar faces; not only will they help you choose the ingredients but also help you in the kitchen – all for FREE.

Starter – Genaro, hearty main – Tom, gravy – no-one but Marco, sides – Jamie; and…pudding? that just has to be delightful Nigella!
…and to tomorrow? ****
…think that will be Gordon! Only the best!

5 dishes. 5 star chefs. 5 star food.
More family time?
More family time?

Rather put your feet up?

No problem – we have taken care of the hard work.

Like somebody else to take care of the preparation for you? – 5 minutes…done

A loved one too far away?

A loved one too far away?

Send some nurturing nutritious food to make sure they get back on their feet.

Distance is never a problem. Want to surprise a loved one with nutritious healthy food to show how much you care! – 6 minutes…done

A loved one too far away?
Thinking about the weekend?

Thinking about the weekend?

On a train and suddenly decided to invite the girls around for a catch-up? Need some inspiration? – done

Need to buy the food & drinks? – 7 minutes…done

Now… time for a little pampering before they arrive – As long as you want.

Around the world
in 7 days?

Around the world in 7 days?

How about travelling the world in 7 days? You probably would not believe me if I said it will really take only about 7 minutes. – 7 minutes…done, Fini, Fatto, Tamam, ทำ, انجام شده, Ολοκληρώθηκε

Like to do this soon?

Like to be able to do this any time, any place, anywhere, soon?

Like to be able to do this any time, any place, anywhere, soon?

It is not just all about making beautiful designs, but more about constantly looking at the world and asking why does it have to be like that?